Friday, April 24, 2009

So I got a call from the school yesterday...

My kids pack their own school lunches, and usually make great choices. I check them before they get packed into the backpacks just to make sure they're not sneaking four cups of sugar, but I rarely have to tell them to put something back. Sandwich, fruit, veggie, drink...standard.

This week, however, we've got company, and I've been lax in my checking. The school counselor called my cell phone and told me that there'd been an "incident" during lunch. One of the teachers saw my 9 YO looking angry and not eating, and went to see what was wrong. She asked Bug why she wasn't eating and she pulled a raw potato out of her bag. She had packed herself a raw potato and a banana. LMBO!! The counselor asked if there was anything wrong at home (um, nope, it's all good!) and if we can't afford to pay for lunches. (How many times do I need to say, "No, we've got everything to make good healthy sandwiches"?) She tried getting me to sign up for free lunches for the kids...I had to explain to her than my husband is an NCO in the Air Force, we don't QUALIFY for free lunch. The counselor wouldn't accept that it was just my daughter doing something DOOFY.

So at dinner, we were getting everybody dished up and I put a leftover baked potato on Catey's plate. She tried pretending that she didn't know what I was getting at, until I told her, "Well, I heard that you prefer raw potatoes for lunch, but I'm fresh outta those." So she kept insisting that she DIDN'T pack the potato, only the banana. I asked my oldest about it later and she said that Catey took the potato out at their friends house on the way to school to show them, and said it was a joke. Funny joke, just take a sandwich next time, OK?

When I called DH to tell him about it, he thought it was hysterical. Once I got past the interrogation from the counselor, yeah, it was funny.


Amy said...

hahhaha....that's funny. You should start calling her spud.