Tuesday, December 22, 2009

EVERYTHING gets smaller.

So when you lose the excess weight, EVERYTHING really does get smaller.  My feet have, most definitely.  I used to have to squish into a size 10 shoe just for the width.  Now I'm back in a 9-9.5.  Regular, not wide.  SUH-WEET.

Even BETTER though, is that my hands have gotten skinnier.  After Matt was born my hands were so puffy still that I ended up getting a new wedding set.  Hey, I gave Brian a SON, and two gorgeous daughters, I deserved it, right?  ;)  I ended up having to order a size 10 ring set.  At times even that was too tight.  There was about a year that I couldn't even wear it.  Once I finally started losing, though, my hands got slimmer pretty quick.  I had to pick up a ring sizer thingie (technical term!) to put on my bands to make them fit better.  Even that is too loose now, and they slide right off. 

So yesterday I went into a little family owned jewelry store just to find out how much it would cost to get them sized.  I've been wearing my original band and even that is too big.  Only a hundred bucks, so that's nice.  Then we sized my finger.

No freakin way.

I wear a size 7 ring.  And since my body is still normalizing, including my hands, it's likely to go even a little bit smaller.  Holy crapoly, I dig it!  So the jeweler wrote down all the info on his business card so I can give it to Brian.  Maybe I'll get my rings sized for Christmas or Valentine's Day?