Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Size 8, baby!!!

So apparently I've lost even more than I realized.  I found a picture of Brian and me from when we lived in Japan and I was freakin' huge. I took it to seminar last night and showed it to Kim, my surgeon's wife, and she thinks I was around 350ish.  Which put me at almost 200 pounds lost.  *faint*  I was in such denial about how big I was, I refused to get on a scale.  I wouldn't even get on one at the doctor's office. 

I like these pics MUCH better, even though they're really shadowy.  Ann Taylor Loft pants!  Yay!  Size 9 boots, WITH stiletto heels and a super pointy toe.  YAY!  I used to have to buy shoes in a 10-11 just to deal with the width of my foot, the length was always way too big.  And fugghedabout stilettos, even chunky heels made me feel like I was walking on knives stabbing up through my heel & calf. 

I need to do another "I can" list.....


Amy W. said...

Seriously, I know people say this a lot, but don't you think that you look like a totally different person? I do?

Nice Christmas nails :)

You could have at least hiked your pants up and gave us a sneak peek of your boots AND you could have posted this picture of you being 350....tisk.

You are beautiful! And...taller then your Christmas tree! *sigh with jealousy*

Meg said...

I need my MIL to email the picture to me, it was one she took while they were visiting us. I found it in her basement and cried when I saw it. When I get from her I'll put it on FB and here.

I'll have Brian take pics of the boots tonight. He's a terrible photographer, even with an easy camera. LOL

Not taller than the tree, but maybe the same height with the boots on. Matt calls them my wicked witch boots. ;) Especially since I wear them with black & white striped toe socks!

Mary said...

YOU LOOK FANTASTIC GIRL!!!! I wanna see the other pic! Im obsessed with boots now that my calfs can fit into them! are you having any problems with loose skin? I have a saggy tummy from when I had my csection from my daughter and no matter how much ive tried to tone it its not working... anyhow You look Beautiful! I cant wait to be in a 8! Im excited to just be in 14's now! :o)

Debi said...

You look amazing! I love the outfit too. However, no matter how much weight I lose & how narrow my feet get, I will NEVER be able to comfortably wear heels again!

Happy Holiday's