Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got my new military dependent ID yesterday.

I had had the old once since 2005 or so, and I waited as long as I could to get the new one so I could have SKINNY FACE on it. YAY SKINNY FACE!!!

When we got back here to Oklahoma 3 years ago (huh, almost 3 years exactly) I was probably close to 300 pounds. I don't know for sure, but knowing what I looked like at certain was probably around 300. It was definitely the biggest I've ever been. I had to get my Oklahoma drivers license looking like that! Can you say ROUND FACE? I hate looking at that picture, because my face literally takes up the entire frame. Gigantor.

So now I have my new military ID, and I can compare the two pictures. Holy crapoly! Such a difference! Yes, I fibbed a bit on my weight still...I said I was 180. I figure I'll be down to 180 by mid-November at the latest (I hope) so it's not hugely far fetched. I was only lying by 16 lbs. But the difference in my face is amazing. I'm hoping I can borrow a scanner so I can post the two pictures. I've actually been showing a few people the two ID's, so they can see the difference. LOL


Amy said...

Do you know what would be even greater than you having skinny face? YOU actually scanning those suckers and letting us see. DO you know here in FLorida you dont put your weight on your DL? Weird huh?
Congrats. I saw your new skinny face on FB as well!

Meg said...

I'm going to use my neighbor's scanner this weekend so I can post them. Check your FB messages!!

Sarah said...

Rock on Meg! I can't wait to get a new license... And my passport expired, so I am DEFINITELY going to make sure that the next picture is a good one! whoo hooo!