Friday, August 7, 2009

Sex after WLS

Yes, I really will talk about anything.

So last week Brian and I were getting our bow-chicka-wow-wow on. We both noticed around the same moment that because he wasn't having to lean over the giant gut he was actually fitting in a bit deeper. WOOOOOOW. And mmmmmmmmm..... Movement is so much easier now, too. I'm able to move in ways that I haven't since before I had kids. (The elliptical strenghtening my thighs has a lot to do with that. LOL) Now sometimes this makes sex end a lot faster than expected, orgasm anybody?

After we were done that night, Brian kind of surprised me when he said, "I had to check and make sure it was still you! It feels almost like I'm making love to a different woman, and it freaks me out." I think if the weight loss hadn't been so fast & drastic it wouldn't be such a big deal, but every time we have sex SOMETHING is different. What a way to spice up the sex life, huh?

The only thing that somewhat bothers me is how much more often he wants me now. Before, he said he loved me no matter what and always wanted me, and the sex was good for both of us. But's almost like I'm back with that 19 year old that I first fell in love with. It makes me realize just how much our physical bodies do matter in every single aspect of our lives. It's yet another reason that I'm so thankful that I've had WLS, and that I'm getting healthier and back to the body I used to have...


Mary said...

Honestly I feel the same way since Ive lost so much weight Our sex lives have been so much more!! LOL

Amy said...

Good times. Let me see if I can put one of my more frequent thoughts into words. While watching some hardcore porn (I would never, I am a lady of course), when the "performers" are doing it up the bung hole or just doggy style, clearly the little chicks have smaller butt cheeks then I would/do, therefore the man can get closer to whichever hole and make better penetration. Since these are some of my favorite positions, I have totally noticed a difference! And while I havent thought of it for some of our more "traditional" positions, that would explain some things.

Do you think that he wants you more bc you are projecting a more sexier self?

Linda O said...

Wow, this is really nice to hear...and gives me even more to look forward to! It is a drag now at time, not that he is complaining, but I would like to be more agile and active in bed. These days I feel like a bump on a log. Anyway, my hubby did mention that he is looking forward to being able to "get to me" better! It's OK, Amy, you are not the only "lady" who watches Porn from time to time...NOT that I would or!!

Meg said...

I actually asked him about whether it's the confidence or if he finds me more physically attractive. He swears up & down that it's the confidence, and that adds to the physical. I dunno. He has man brain.

Tiffani said...

Alright, I came over from Amy's "lady station" post and it's a poop post, can't beat that, right?! Well, I go back a bit and find this post.. woo boy!!

Then I read the comments and find that Amy likes it in the bung hole!??! WTF?! LOL

I think I'll have to stick around if you don't mind!

Amy said...

Tiffani! We dont say bung hole, I prefer chocolate starfish..hahahahah...and yes, you have to stick around bc even though Meg chose gastric bypass (not everyone is perfect you know...ahahahah), she is SUPER funny and our struggles are the same regardless!