Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Judy Blume must have been a fat kid.

Years & years & years & years & years & YEARS ago (hey, I'm oldish) I read just about every Judy Blume book ever written for kids. One that always stuck with me, though, was Blubber.

It was about a little girl that was overweight and always made fun of. (Sound familiar?) I think her mom piled on the food for comfort, and the rest of the family just didn't understand because they were all thin. Or something along those lines.

The line that really got me, and has always resonated with me, was "I can see my feet!"

The little girl had finally started losing weight, and the moment that it sunk in for her was when she looked down and was able to see her feet for the first time in a long time.

Today, I looked down, and I had a moment like that. Only for me it was, "My gunt isn't sticking out past my boobs anymore!" Now, I have big knockers to begin with. Even after a breast reduction I'm still a really full C cup, or a D depending on the bra. I've also always carried a big portion of my weight in my belly. So today I put on a dress that MIL bought for me while she was here. The first time I wore it was a few days after surgery and I was still pretty swollen and had difficulty pulling my gut in. I looked pregnant in it. NOT TODAY. I looked down and DIDN'T SEE MY GUT. I think today is the first time I've really seen that physical change in myself. Brian says that he sees it in my face and the fact that I'm becoming more hourglass shaped, but I don't see that. Yes, I see that my clothes fit better, but I don't see the actual body changes. Until today. I DIDN'T SEE MY GUT. *HAPPY DANCE!!!*

In other news, I suddenly can't tolerate the milky protein supps anymore. I gag when I try to get them down. So now I'm drinking Isopure clear drinks mixed with Crystal Light or Peach Herbal tea all day. Goes down much better, even though it leaves a funny feeling in my mouth.

I also had my first FOOD today. Technically I'm supposed to wait until after my follow up appointment with Dr. G, but I needed that extra fuel today. So I had a scrambled egg for breakfast that took me almost an hour to eat, and was full ALL DAY LONG on it. For dinner I had a little more than a quarter cup of runny refried beans (fat free) with some lowfat cheese melted in. That was soooooo good. If G gives me the OK I'm all over some steamed fish tomorrow night. NOM.


Mary said...

Thats Awesome!!! I Know I have big boobs too and I can FINALLY not see my tummy stick out. Its a great feeling, Glad you are doing good!

Sarah said...

Wow Meg - you're making me feel old... I loved Judy Blume! :-) At any rate, congrats! Isn't it a great feeling??? These little wins just keep coming! Enjoy them!