Sunday, June 21, 2009

SOMETHING is happening!!!

I went shopping with one of my girlfriends yesterday. She got me into a Ross and I DIDN'T have an anxiety attack, which was amazing in and of itself. She also convinced me to try on a pair of size 16 shorts. I didn't think they'd fit, after all, I was wearing a size 20 at the time. I tried them anyway.


I also ended up getting a pair of size 16 Addidas shorts for running, and size 16 yoda pants. YAY!

One of the wonderful ladies on a message board that I post at had sent me a big box of jeans, almost all size 16, and almost all Levi's. I lived in Levi's when I was a kid. I held up a pair last night and was doubtful. They just looked SMALL. Meh. I tried them on anyway.

THEY FIT TOO!!! OK, so I had the massive muffin top going on, but the shirt I was wearing hid it, so as long as I'm wearing the right shirt it should be OK. But I DIDN'T have to lay down to zip them up, so to me, that counts as fitting.

So even though I've stalled at 28 lbs loss, apparently I'm still dropping in size.

Oooh, I bought some 16 capri's back in February when I was visiting my mom...I wonder if they'll fit now....I'm gonna go try them on! Hehehe...back to shopping in my closet! Maybe I should actually CLEAN it.