Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm baaaaaa-aaaaaaack!!!

I wasn't feeling up to being back online for the first few days, and when I finally was ready to get online I managed to fry my keyboard within the first five minutes. I could surf via mouse, but that was it. Now that I have a new wireless & spill-proof keyboard and mouse (ergo friendly, too!) all is right with my world.

Surgery went great, and for the first time out of all of my surgeries I woke up with NO problems. WOW. I was really worried about waking up, probably more than anything else, because I get violently ill (think Exorcist) and have the worst cold shivers for a few hours. It sucks big hairy donkey balls. I told all of this to my anesthesiologist, and he promised me he wouldn't let that happen to me this time. When I woke up my only problem was that I was desperately thirsty and dead tired. I don't remember the recovery room or being brought into my room.

The first day I pretty much spent hitting the morphine button and dozing. Brian stayed overnight with me, which was wonderful. It was really comforting to wake up in the middle of the night and know that he was there, he's never been able to stay with me before. I did have a baaaaaaad air bubble in the middle of the night, I thought I was dying. It was right under the left incision, the only incision with a stitch, so I thought something was going wrong with it. Excruciating pain, probably the worst I've had in all of this. The nurse came in and gave me something extra for the pain, then got me up and walking. WALKING IS GOOD.

The foley cath was pulled at 6 AM the next day, and such a relief. It felt like it kept backing up on me, so even though I had a cath I constantly had to pee. Brian spent a lot of time trying to get the cath to drain down to the bag. (What a great guy!) I was able to eat half a popcicle, a few sips of soup, and jello throughout all my meals, and was up & walking a LOT, so when Dr. G came to visit me around lunch time he said I might be able to get out that day. YES PLEASE!!! I ended up getting released at 7 PM, the day after surgery. It pays to be a good girl, right?

I was still groggy from the anesthesia for the first few days at home, but now all is good. My energy level is almost to where it used to be, though I do get worn out easily when I push myself too hard. Today is day 3 off the Lortab, thank goodness, that crap was nasty. Now I'm just taking 1000 mg Tylenol twice a day.

Nutrition wise, I brainfarted and wasn't drinking enough protein supplement, even though the supplement itself was enough protein. The release sheet says to drink 16-24 oz of supplement a day, I was getting 8-10. So I've switched supplements for a while. I HATE PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS!!! They didn't bother me before surgery, but I'm so sick of the sweet cack!! Thankfully it's just a "I'm sick of this crap" issue, rather than not being able to get it down. I do have a REALLY hard time with the vitamins & calcium citrate, so I'm going to have to look for something else. There goes $100 down the drain! Maybe I'll be able to handle them later.

I haven't had any significant problems, which honestly, kind of worries me. I can drink an 11 oz supplement in half an hour, I have no problem getting my minimum of 60 oz water a day, and can usually get in closer to 80. I can eat an entire 1/2 cup of sugar free jello with no problems, and probably more quickly than I should. I'm sooooooooo ready to start on mushies, I want REAL food.

Well, that's a start for now....don't want to overwhelm you!! I'm going to have to write down a list of what all to blog about, so much has been happening, and I keep thinking, "OOh, I need to put that on my blog!"

OH, btw, I'm down 19 pounds from my start weight!!! Official start weight was 258, this morning I was a beautiful 239 and gettin' slimmer by the minute!!!


Mary said...

Congrats Girl and WELCOME TO BAND LAND...LOL your doing great!!

Amy said...

i have been thinking about you girl! I miss your posts and your comments! I am so glad you are this side of the clouds! And yes, you know it's true love when your man jiggles your pee bag for you. I think Hallmark should make a card saying as much.

Congrats on your progress. You arent a people that have gastric bypass have a catchy title?

Mary said...

holy hell...i totally forgot that you were getting bypass not the band...anyhow welcome to the smaller life...jeeez im a slow...haha

Angie said...

Welcome welcome to post=surg life. I'm so glad to see you in such seemingly wondeful spirits. And you're about to catch up to me, weight wise, I should get a move on ;)