Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have snacks that I buy just for me.  Mostly protein bar type stuff, but I have the mom-stash of M&M's hidden in my nightstand drawer, beef jerky...stuff like that.  Two weeks ago I bought a box of Atkin's Caramel Peanut Nougat protein bars, and ate one.  I left the box in the van for my "Oh crap I forgot to eat!" moments. 

Tonight I went and got the box out of the van.  And a bar was missing.


I buy these people I live with PLENTY OF FOOD.  I make them cookies!  I supply them with fresh fruit and veggies that I don't put a limit on!  There's ALWAYS leftovers.  The ONE thing I ask is that they stay out of my mom-stash stuff, because almost all of it is PROTEIN for me, and I NEED MY FRIGGIN' PROTEIN. 

I think I might just cave in and buy a lock-box for my snacks.  MY SNACKS! 

And the best part......the protein bars don't even taste that great.  I hope they get constipated.  *pout*


Debi said...

I love it!! It would serve them right to get constipated! I am the exact same way. I have often thought of locking my stuff up. Usually, I just hide my stuff really, really well.

Amy W. said...

Okay, so I am having Finding Nemo flashbacks of the fish that hoards his bubbles..."My BUBBLES!" I know you know what I am talking about!

Meg said...

Not in the least. Because I have never seen that movie ELEVENTY BILLION TIMES. *Just keep swimming!*

Nicole said...

i hide stuff from my kids as well. I have to tell them that the protein drinks in the fridge are for me only. The oldest thinks they taste like melted ice cream (yuck) and will drink them like water.