Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Deep Zumba thoughts

When I'm bouncing and shaking my stuff at Zumba, I'm also thinking really deep thoughts.  And by deep I mean a lot of them start with "Dude!"  Super deep, right?  I really amuse myself with my deep thoughts, and every once in a while I might even get a little profound.  OK, not often, but still...

* Dude!  I just bought these pants two weeks ago!  Don't fall off already!

*  Look at all those husbands watching us.  Wusses.  Get yer butts in here, you can DOOOO iiiit!!! 

*  No more coffee for Joan.  NO MORE!  (Joan is my favorite instructor, and I swear she was on speed yesterday.  The good kind!)

*  Huh.  Why are people watching me to keep up?  I'm watching that chick up there, SHE's keeping up with Joanie!  Oh wait, I guess I am too.  COOL!  People are actually watching ME to keep up!!  Who'da thunk it?

*  Crap, my water is gone.  Bigger bottle next time!

*  Ooooh, yay!  My favorite song!  BOOM BOOM!

* More spins!  Pick a spot to focus on so you don't get dizzy.  Who am I kidding?  I'll get dizzy anyway.

*  Dude!  I just did the salsa-kicky-thing almost right!  Suh-weet!

*  Chicken dance?  Really?  I can't do that by itself without falling over, how am I supposed to do it and swing my hips at the same time?  Nah-nah-nah-nah-nuh-nuh-nuh....

*  Move feet!  Quit tripping me!

*  Hey, Halloween is over!  Why do I still have batwings?  Good thing there's nobody behind me, they might get smacked by flying flesh.

*  Dude!  I can see my collar bones!  I'm still shocked every time...

*  HOW is that woman not breaking a sweat?  She's keeping up just as well as everybody else.  Dang, if she weren't so cute I'd have to hate her.

*  Why do women bother getting all prettied up with full makeup to go work out?  Doesn't it feel like a mask sliding off once you start sweating?  EW.

*  More water!  I think I've sweated it all out.  I smell like I did!

*  I wonder if the sno-cone place is still open?  Mmmmmmmmm.......snooooooowwwwwcoooonnne....

*  More husbands watching.  Dude, they look jealous that we can Zumba and they think they can't. 

*  Wish I could get Brian to Zumba.  He won the motorcycle battle, I should be able to get his ass in here, to at least try it once.

*  I want to be a Zumba instructor when I grow up.  Too bad I'd fall on my face in front of everybody.  "THAT WASN'T PART OF IT!!!" 

*  Classic Rock Zumba would be freakin' awesome.  Queen!  Bowie!  The Who!  Zepplin!  The Doors!  AC/DC!!!!! 

OK, so that was just a smidge....maybe someday I'll grace you with more Zumba thoughts...LOL


ZumbaJoan said...

Meg - I LOVE YOU!!! This is hilarious! :)