Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Friday stuff

1.  My heart goes out to the family and friends of the Ft. Hood victims.  I'm sick to my stomach and relieved at the same time that the shooter is alive.  At least justice can be carried out this time.

2.  OFFICIALLY NOT PREGNANT!!  Thank you, God!  I love my children, I love babies, but I just want to borrow babies. 

3.  A friend that I've talked to for a few years via message board has moved to OKC, and she and her family are coming over tonight.  I'm SO FREAKIN' EXCITED.  She's one of my favorite people on the board.  With a name like Amy she can't be bad, right?  LOL 

4.  Did I mention that I'm looking for a job?  It sucks, I really want to be a SAHM still, and if I could figure out this whole "get paid to blog" thing I'd just do that, but...well...NEED MUNNIES NOW.  One of the jobs I applied for is "Canteen Supervisor" at a correctional facility in a town 30 minutes away.  And, somehow, I'm qualified for it.  They must be desperate.  I'm hoping to get the "Social Services Assistant" job, though, doing transition assistance with members that are getting out of the military.  I think I'd be good at that.  I just REALLY don't want another call center job.

5.  I'm vaguely thinking about writing a book.  My mom is really encouraging me on it, she's always liked my writing.  But that's what moms are supposed to do, right?  I have a title and subject, but that whole "nobody wants to read what I have to say" thing is holding me back.  Besides the fact that I wouldn't have the first clue on how to get published, although technically that's not true because I have some folks at a message board that could point me the right way. 

6.  We seriously need to win the lottery.  I already have planned out exactly how we'd spend and invest, what we'd do, all that fun stuff.  All we need is that winning ticket.

7.  I saw my PA in passing this week, the one that got me started on this whole surgical weight loss thing.  I called out to her and she saw me and looked confused.  I stood up and said, "It's Meagan!" and she just gaped at me.  She didn't recognize me at all.  LOL  Felt great!

8.  This week is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street.  I loved that show when I was a kid, and....(can you keep a secret?) I still do.  If I knew what channel PBS was on I might even watch it by myself.  Wow.  It was only 7 years old when I was born.  I'm getting oldish. I used to sing a bunch of Sesame Street songs to my kids when they were babies, and my favorite is still Ernie's "I'd Like to Visit the Moon."  The version with Shawn Colvin is still beautiful.  I still get teary eyed when I hear it.  Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!

9.  I really need to clean my office.  Maybe if I do I'll find the inspiration to come in here and start writing my book? 

10.  If we won the lottery, I'd totally hire an organizer to come to my house and get everything in order.  And train my kids on how to be organized.  I'm good at STARTING being organized, but I don't stick to it. 

11.  The loveseat is here in the office right now.  Do I want to keep it in here, or move it back into the living room?

12.  I think I've been really depressed lately.  Probably from the whore-moans being all wacky, with a little bit of current financial circumstances thrown in for good measure.  Think I'm going to have to bump up my Happy Mommy Pills. 

13.  I've been stuck at 169ish pounds for a few weeks now.  After my last cycle I dropped ten pounds in just over a week.  I'm really hoping that happens with this cycle.  If it does I might actually make goal weight by my birthday after all.  At the least I'd like to make goal by my next appointment, December 22nd. 

14.  Bri's been working on an ORI (Operational Readiness Inspection) all week, so he's had to be at work before dawn some days.  This is really jacking with my sleep.  He's noisy when he gets up, and always kisses me goodbye.  Once I'm awake, I'm awake.  Grrrrrr.......  At least he kisses me goodbye.  Un-grrrrr.....

15.  I've been playing a dangerous game this week and telling myself it's OK because it's the PMS.  I've been getting into the Halloween candy.  I love me some fun size Butterfingers.  And if I only eat one (at a time!) I don't get sick.  Problem is I do this several times a day.  Good thing is...Butterfingers are almost gone.  ;)  Thankfully I don't crave chocolate or sugar all the time, I think this week has just been particularly cravey. 

16.  I love watching my cats sleep.  The sprawl is just hilarious.  Yeah, I speak crazy cat lady, fluently.

17.  I think we're going to find a church to start going to, again.  I have nothing nice to wear so it's going to have to be a super casual church (finally there are a few here in OK) but I'm still most comfortable with Church of Christ in some ways.  Then again, because of some things that happened looooooooong ago, I have a hard time trusting the Church of Christ.  I have to tell myself that it was different people, different circumstances.  Anyway, I've been having that feeling in my heart that I just really need to get back to church.  I miss it.

18.  I need some nicer clothes.  For work and for church.  Back in September I gave away an entire wardrobe of business casual clothes and haven't been able to replace anything.  I don't even have a nice pair of pants, just jeans.  And it's one of those, "I need a job so I can get some decent clothes, but can't get decent clothes until I have a job" type things.  ERGH. 

19.  Lottery.

20.  Lottery.


Amy W. said...

Listen, I promise to give you a little cash if I win the lottery first. And now that its here, in typing, you can take me to Judge Judy and sue me if I dont pay up. Of course, only if my lottery winnings are 25 mill plus...k?

What about substitute teaching? I always enjoyed that.

And yes, if Amy is coming is going to be fantastic!

Somehow, I have bags and bags of halloween candy we bought to put out in the christmas is stuffed in a cabinet and I havent touched it. But, if it were sunkist or tacos...I would have eaten them. We all have our weaknesses.

It's fun when people dont recognize you bc of weight loss. Tracey couldnt find me the other day in walmart bc he was looking down the aisle and saw me from behind...he didnt know it was me. Do you think thats a prob?

Nicole said...

Love your list.

I want in on the lottery winnings pool. Someone has got to hit the powerball at some point, right?

My weakness of late - pringles. I never bought them before surgery but for some reason post-surgery I buy them everytime I am at the store. We have 6 cans of them at the house right now!