Saturday, October 24, 2009


Suh-WWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!  According to FINDMYBMI.COM I am finally of AVERAGE weight.  This is different from the Obesity Help BMI calculator, it says I have 4 or 5 pounds to go, but it also only takes into consideration height and weight.  FINDMYBMI.COM takes height, weight, age, and gender, so I think that one is a bit more complete.  I DIG!!!! 

I also recently joined  AWESOME site.  It's from Johnson&Johnson, the company that brings us the Realize band, but they've opened it to just about all weight loss surgery patients.  So if you've had LapBand or RNY, you can join.  It's got some incredible features.  Lots of goodies on the home page, a MyProgress tab (stats, goals, pics, "theNewMe"), MyPersonalPlan tab (reminders, appointments, nutrition, temptations, success strategies, support team), MyNutrition (Food diary, recipes), MyFitness (diary & plan), and a search and share tab.  I'm just now getting in to it, but it looks like the best of all the "health" sites I've joined.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, best of all....EET EEES FREE.  My favorite word.  (Along with AVERAGE. Hehehe)  The virtual model is really fun.  I think the best feature of all, though, is that almost all of the bariatric surgeons in the US are connected to this, so they can check & see how we're doing.  (OK, sometimes that's a bad thing, but usually good!)