Friday, October 23, 2009

In a funk and want to eat.

I'm irritated with my husband and my sewing machine, in that order.  I've been asking him to watch a movie with me for over a week now, and it's clear he won't.  OK, fine whatever.  I'm stupidly irritated, but it's a deeper issue than just the movie and I know it.  Get over it, Meagan.  As far as the sewing machine, I paid $60 a few weeks ago to get a tune up and replace the bobbin winder belt. bobbin winder doesn't work AGAIN!  And I'm trying to make a curtain for my friend's classroom.  GRRR....

Anyway...point of all this is that I really want to go digging in the kitchen.  Or in my nightstand for those M&M's.  I'm not hungry, I know it's emotional.  I had a protein shake for breakfast/lunch, coffee later in the day, some Triscuits with cheese as a snack (lesson learned about Triscuits, HOLY BLOATY), tortilla chips with cheese and salsa for another snack, taco soup for dinner, and a SF ice cream bar for dessert.  I'm nowhere NEAR hungry.  And I'm overloaded on carbs for today between the triscuits and the tortilla chips.  But I still want to crunch.  Like Dortios.  Thank God we don't have any in the house. 

OK....water.....drink water and go to bed and read.  Maybe pop an extra Wellbutrin? 

(It's really good I don't have wine in the house right now....I WOULD be drinking it.)


Angie said...

Aww Megs. It's funny how we can come as far as you or I have, and still have the emotional connections. I'm proud of you for staying strong - you're doing great.


melsreturn said...

It's a great thing that you recognize (a) you're NOT hungry and (b) you once looked to food for something *comfort? That is very important... and you are working hard to fix it! Yay! Can't help ya with the bobbin. Or husband! lol. Take care.

Amy W. said...

The real question is...what movie is it? Is it Hannah Montana bc I have been bugging Tracey to watch it with me...but he won't...oh, but I am going to make him...TONIGHT! Mark my words!