Monday, October 5, 2009

Give yourself credit!!

At the ball last week I saw my surgeon, and he hadn't seen me in a while.  Nice guy that he is, he told me I looked great.  I gave him a big hug and told him, "This is thanks to you, you know!!"

He said, "I know."  Rather smugly...

That's when it hit me.  Yes, he is a wonderful surgeon, but he did a TWO HOUR procedure on my guts.  I AM THE ONE THAT IS PUTTING IN ALL THE WORK.    It's up to me to make the right food choices, to exercise, and to seek support when I need it. I truly appreciate that he's given me the physical ability to finally lose the weight so my outside can match my inside, but I didn't realize until that night that I need to give myself credit for what I'm doing.

I'm not just doing this for myself.  I'm doing this for my husband and my kids.  But I AM THE ONE THAT'S DOING IT. 


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Sally Hamilton said...

You are so right and I blogged about this exact same thing over the weekend. The lapband is simply a tool. Congratulations on your success. I've reached my goal and am happy as a clam - have lost 111 lbs. My blog is