Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I CAN....

I can lean over to tie my shoes.  And the tie is on top, not the side, of the shoe.

I can go hard on the elliptical for more than two miles and barely break a sweat.

I can lean over and hold my ankles, and my boobs touch my knees.  Not because of gravity, either!

I can do the dishes without incredible back pain.  Just don't tell my daughter!

I can last 400 miles on the back of my husband's motorcycle. 

I can wear boots and not have to worry about getting a size bigger to fit my calves.

I can jump onto my husband and have him hold me and not worry about hurting him.

I can get into my van with the door barely opened (thanks to the person that parked way too close to me) and not have to squeeze in.

I can say hello to my neighbor and have her give me a "who the hell are you?!" look because she doesn't recognize me.

I can catch my 10 year old when she runs away from me.

I can work in my garden without back pain.

I can keep up with my husband when we're walking somewhere.

I can look in the mirror and believe that I am smaller than the average American woman.  (Wow, that sounds arrogant!)

I can have a few bites of chocolate or ice cream and be able to push them away before I eat so much that I get sick.

I can spend time with family in a food centered situation and realize that it's not about the food, it's about the family.

I can do naughty things with my husband that he says are none of your business!!! 

I can dance and Zumba my cares away and not feel like a cow tripping around about to land on somebody.

I can shop in the "regular" misses section.  Still automatically going to the plus section, but then I realize I'm in the wrong place!

I can shop in "normal" stores!  Gap! Eddie Bauer!  Banana Republic! American Eagle! Victoria's Secret!  (OK, so I haven't shopped at Vicky's yet, but I'll be hitting that next payday.  I want perky boobs!)

I can sit in my van and not overflow the driver's seat. 

I can sit in my jacuzzi bathtub and have four inches to spare on each side of me.

I can fit in the flapper Halloween costume that I wore the first Halloween that Brian and I were together, before I found out I was pregnant with Bethany.  (Hm, might wear that this Halloween!)

I can wear high heels without pain.  I can even walk through downtown in heels without killing myself.  I can even DANCE in high heels.

I can stand face to face with my husband and kiss him, and not have to reach to do it.

I can cuddle with my husband and have his arms wrapped all the way around me, not just reaching.

I can mow the front yard without feeling like I'm going to fall over and die.  I still break out in hives, but I don't fall over and die.

I can climb up to the top bunk on my girls' bed and not feel like I'm going to come crashing down on my 12 year old.

I can carry two heavy bags of groceries out to the van from the store and not drop them.

I can carry things in front of me, instead of having to prop them on my hip because my stomach is in the way.

I can cross my legs like a LADY.

I can stand with my arms hanging down to my sides, instead of sticking out like an ape.  OK, they stick out a little bit, but that's because of my boobs.

I can look down and not have three chins. 

I can tilt my head downward and not have two chins.

I can look at a picture of myself and see a difference.

I can be proud of what I've accomplished so far.

I can have faith in myself that I WILL lose the last 20 pounds.

I can have faith in myself that I will keep the weight off for the rest of my life.


Sarah said...

Wow Meg. I can see your amazing confidence and how inspiring you are to all of us! Keep up the amazing work, and congratulations!

Amy W. said...

This is such a great list. I might reread it a couple of times today and maybe it will get me back on track.

I am proud of you and your choices!

DawnB said...

Great list - I am so happy for you!