Friday, July 31, 2009

Dr. G can stick it.

When I had my 8 week appointment last week he told me that the next 10 lbs that I lost would probably take about four weeks. My weight that day was 211. I had a biiiiiiiiiiiig problem with this, because I had set a goal to be below 200 lbs by August 1st. He had already told me that at 8 weeks out I was actually at the loss he'd expect for a 12 weeker, so that was great. But f'real, don't tell me that I'm suddenly going to STOP FREAKIN' LOSING.

So yeah...I've been working out pretty much every day this week. And because I commit the ultimate WLS sin every day and WEIGH MYSELF EVERY DAY....I was at 198.8 yesterday morning. Today I'm at 197.

Dr. can bite me.

(I updated my weight on OH, so the ticker should have updated, but for some reason it's not.)

Sorry I haven't been around much. The kids have been keeping me busy, and I'm trying to figure out what's going on with Bethany's Jr. High. I still haven't heard anything about when the back to school night is, and she's getting really anxious. No supply lists posted...nuttin'. They're supposed to start in just over two weeks!!!

I'm also kind of worried about my dog. She's had this lump on her abdomen for years, and a vet told us it was a hernia. But she's lost a lot of weight recently, and I just realized a few days ago that the lump is getting bigger. It used to be the size of my thumb from the top knuckle to the tip, now it's the size of a large egg. The wierd thing is that she's acting healthier and happier than she has in forever. She's constantly on her back, wiggling around on the floor, lots of happy growling. She's nuts! LOL We've had her since the night before Matt was born, and she treats Matt like he's her puppy. She sleeps in his room every night. We'll all be devastated if there's something wrong.

We're also getting ready to head up to Branson at the end of August to meet Brian's parents for the weekend. They're bringing down dad's big ol' boat, and renting a 3 bedroom condo. I just need to get myself a new bathing suit (I think the four I've got would all fall off of me now!) and save up some gas money to get up there and back. Not the best timing for it, since we need to buy school supplies and at least a few things for school clothes.

OK...time to pay bills...ick.


Amy said...

Okay..YO! I would have said "whatchu talking about Willus" if he would have told me 10 pounds in 4 weeks. That sounds more like a lapband goal then bypass. But you have to remember that you are working out and working at it and some people just sit back and wait for the pounds to drop you are SO above average!

As for dog has several lumps and probably 4 years ago the vet told me they were "fatty" tumors. Harmless, but that they would get bigger over time. His first one was on his belly and started about the size a grape and now its about the size of plum. He has a few more now. Maybe thats all they are.

Meg said...

Yeah, it feels like a fatty tumor, but she's lost so much weight. I think that has me more worried than anything.