Thursday, July 2, 2009

PIctures, finally.

I meant to take these last Tuesday, which was 4 weeks, but I never got around to it. So these are my 5 week pics instead.

Here's before. Start weight was 258.

And after. As of today I'm down 39 pounds, to 219. By my scale, that is. I'm sure my doc's scale would add about 5 lbs, grrr...

Now that I'm studying the pics I'm seeing it a bit more than I was at first. I was annoyed with myself that "I'm still huge!" when I first saw them. I'm starting to see now that my arms are smaller, as is the gigantus gut. And check out the awesome grease spots on the front of my shirt. I had no clue those were there. The joys of photography!

I've also made a decision. I AM going to go ahead and have plastics done, when the time comes. Not just to get rid of the meat apron, but to get the knockers fixed as well. Two years and one day before I had my RNY done I had a breast reduction. The surgeon was terrible, and while I don't regret the surgery itself, I don't like my boobs. The scarring was awful and I have corners. Some friends of mine call me Spongebob Square Boobs. Awesome, right? If you're brave and want to see pics, I do have a blog...Boobs, the Other White Meat. I desperately need to update it. Maybe later next week or so... Anyway, I'm hoping that when it comes time for plastics I can get the meat apron and the Spongebobs dealt with all at once. I don't want to have to have two more surgeries. One big one I can handle, but contrary to popular belief, I DON'T enjoy going under the knife. Either way, I'll be making sure to have it done with the plastic surgeon that works with RNY patients at my hospital, I WILL NOT go back to the first guy.

OK, gotta go make the dinner. Mustard chicken salad...mmmmm. I might be able to eat a few bites!!


Amy said...

You look lovely! Did you get your hair did between pictures? Also...I cant wait to see your boobs! Its like a gift for Monday! lol...

I am going to have some work done too. I want perky boobies!