Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feelin' GOOD!! (And random rambling because it's been so long since I've posted...)

Brian and I went out on a date last night, and the entire night was faaaabulous.

I couldn't find the jeans I usually wear when I ride on the back of the bike, so I grabbed another pair of Levi's (I'm finally BACK IN LEVI'S!!!) out of my closet. Held them up and thought there was no way in hell they were going to fit. They looked so like 12's or smaller that I had to check the label. Huh. They say 16. Got them on and they fit beautifully. And they barely muffin topped. Woo-hoo! I put on a pink & black camisole that I haven't been able to wear since I bought it 5 years ago...and it fit beautifully, too. More woo-hoo!!! I looked in the mirror and actually LIKED what I saw. And when I put on my ho-boots...well, that just completed it. RAWR, if I do say so myself. (Ho-boots: Black suede knee high boots, stiletto heels. Brian lurves 'em.) I wore a gray ballet wrap just so I wouldn't be completely sleveless on the bike, since I won't let Brian buy me a jacket until I'm below 200.

Got to the theater and realized that when I had my heel hooked on the peg it rested on the pipe, so my stiletto heel melted a bit. Meh, nothing a black magic marker won't fix. LOL

After the movie we went & had coffee...first caffiene I'd had since before surgery. PINGY!!!! I wasn't ready to go home yet, so we decided to ride down to Norman and see if there were any bars that had live bands playing. Got down there, and while we were at a light on Campus Corner a car with two young guys in it stopped next to us. The driver looked me up & down, gave a little wave, and turned to say something to his friend. Friend looked out the window, and did the same thing, with a very obvious wave. Brian was completely obvlivious. LOL Now, they were probably mocking the old chubby chick on the bike, but I was feeling really good about myself last night, so I'm going to choose to beleive that they were flirting. I GOT FLIRTED AT BY COLLEGE KIDS. Holy crap!!! That hasn't happened since I was college age, 13 years ago.

Finally got home, got the kids in bed, and had a great the evening. Yeah...that!

So I'm down 45 pounds now, and am at 213-ish. My goal is to be down to 199 by August 1st, and since I'm dropping about a pound a day as long as I'm working out it should be attainable. My big problems are still hydration and protein. My fingertips were actually pretty wrinkled on Friday, which is bad news. Technically I probably should have gone to get a few bags of fluid, but I didn't want to end up getting checked in to the hospital. I've finally figured out that orange juice with a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a little bit of SF vanilla syrup, and crushed ice all blended up is a damn good creamcicle/orange julius. Yay, protein supplement that I can actually KEEP DOWN.

Did I mention that I've resorted to protein bullets to try to get down enough protein? Even that makes me want to puke. 27 grams of protein in less than 3 ounces makes for syrupy sweet yuck. And that's the GOOD flavor, fruit punch. The first time I took a bullet, though, I didn't realize that it had the "tingle" stuff in it. HOLY CRAPOLY, I thought I was having an allergic reaction. It was awful, my entire body, even my tongue and eyeballs, itched. Now I just save them for right before a workout, that way I don't feel the itch.

So...after discovering last night that badass ho-boots do not equate to badass motorcycle boots...I need new motorcycle boots. I hate hate HATE wearing my sneakers on the bike. So I'm either going to get these FIRE BOOTS or these KICKASS BOOTS. I love the fire boots, but I could wear the kickass boots with more stuff. Hell, I love both pairs. Maybe I'll get the kickass ones to start with and get the fire ones later on. Or maybe I'll get the fire ones first since it's still hotter than Hades out....but the kickass ones only have two pair left in stock. HELP ME DECIDE!!!!

And I feel kinda bad...I sort of but not really but kinda did...griped my sister out on FB. Since I've finally gotten on Brian's bike, and yes, I do bring it on myself for posting about it...people have been calling me biker mama, biker chick, biker babe...all that crap. And a LOT of people are doing it. I don't want that to be my identity, it's not who I am. I'm Brian's wife, mom of his three hysterically funny and obnoxious kids, sarcastic as all get out with all my friends, working my ass off to get healthy & thin again...I want THAT to be my identity. I guess it doesn't help that my stereotype of "biker chick" is trashy. Anyway, it irritates the hell out of me, and part of that may be irrational, but it still irritates me. So I said something about it when my sister called me a biker, again. On FB, of all places. So...Ker, if you're reading this, my irritation wasn't directed at you and I'm sorry if it came across that way. It's just frustrating in general. Forgive me? Please?

OK, I have a shit-ton more to say, but I've already made this a hugely long post, so I'll save it. Except for this: I HAS COLLARBONES AGAIN!!!! Yay me!


Angie said...

glad to hear an update beautiful! sounds like you're doing amazing and oh so quickly too! congrats!

Amy said...

I would go with the kickass boots bc you can wear them with more stuff!

Also...why havent you befriended me on FB? HMMMM....

I have seen your cha-cha's....I think I can see your FB page.

Look for Amy Workman Pensacola, FL. zip 32507

Meg said...

Only because I didn't know your last name. LOL

Meg said...

Oh, and that's what I was thinking about the boots. Although I'm so getting the fire boots eventually.

Sarah said...

Go for the kickass boots... they're nice! Congrats... especially on being flirted w/ by college kids!