Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My name is Meagan, and I am a slacker.

I had all these great intentions of tracking all the food I eat & posting the nutrition info. We see how well I did with that, right? I like the Daily Plate, but I don't love it. I prefer the Weight Watchers nutrition tracker, but I don't want to have to restart my membership to do it. I need to find something better than Daily Plate.

That said, it's what I've got for now and I need to get back on track. I do a lot better when I'm tracking my food. Who'da thunk it?

Breakfast: Caramel Macchiato Shake
8 oz 8th Continent Light Soy Milk
1 scoop GNC Whey Isolate 28 - vanilla
2 scoops CLICK Mocha Espresso powder
6 pumps SF Da Vinci caramel syrup
about 1/2 c crushed ice

310 calories
4 g fat
10 mg cholesterol
315 mg sodium
20 g carbs
14 g sugar
1 g fiber
49 g protein

Gah. I need to take a closer look & see where all the sugar is coming from.

Snack: EAS AtvantEDGE Carb Control (Strawberry Creme)
RTD Protein

110 calories
3 g fat
20 mg cholesterol
260 mg sodium
2 g carb
1 g fiber
0 g sugar
17 g protein

On another note, I'm reading Mike Fox's new book, Always Looking Up: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. I like it, but it's kind of hard to follow. He jumps around a lot. (No pun intended.) I love his basic philosophy though; You may not have control over what happens to you, but you CAN control how you react to it. It's what I've been preaching at Brian for years. Hehe... I can be pessimistic and hyper-critical at times, and it's something in me that I really DON'T like. I'm working hard on changing it, I can see how it affects my kids and I don't want to do that to them. There's also been studies done that confirm that people that live in a positive manner live healthier, longer lives. Yeah, I'll take it!!

In keeping with building a new mindset, I want to find at least three things every morning to be thankful for. If I find that something is irritating the hell out of me ( What? I NEVER get irritated!!!) I will do my best to find something from THAT to be thankful about. (i.e., Brian loves to push my buttons to drive me crazy, but he does it because he loves me and knows that I can't stay mad at him. He also does it because I probably need it!)

So for today:

I love that my son has been coming to me and asking me to scratch or tickle his back. I love when he sprawls on my lap and giggles when it tickles, and puppy growls when the scratches feel so good. I love the sly little smile he gets on his face when he's thinking that he's getting away with staying up a few minutes later when he gets the scratches.

I love that Caitlin has such an inquisitive mind, even when she won't. stop. asking. questions. She's smart beyond her age and hysterically funny and PASSIONATE. Even though it results in a LOT of temper tantrums, she has such a deep sense of justice.

I love that Bethany is growing up to be such personable young lady. I watch her with her friends and realize that she does know who she is, and thinks for herself. She knows to treat others with kindness and turns her back on those that don't.

I love watching my cats play. I can be in the worst mood, but if they start with their 'rasslin, everything washes away and I'm laughing. Queso is ping-pong kitty and defies gravity, Carne gets bunny feet when they wrestle and kicks at Queso.

I love that my dogs have to be in the same room as me, even if it does mean that they're constantly underfoot.

Ok....enough rhapsodising for now. I need to get chores done. (Ick! But when I get them done I have happyclean house. There. That's turning a a negative into a positive. LOL)