Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Works for now, don't think I could do it forever.

So yesterday my total caloric intake was about 680-ish calories, with 86 grams of protein, and less than 30 grams of carbs. In the beginning I had figured I'd be starving halfway through the day, but I wasn't at all. The only time I got a little bit hungry was a little while before I went to bed. I can't take my vitamins on an empty stomach anyway, so I took them with some GNC 100% whey protein - banana creme. Not bad, but from now on I'm making it with milk. It was too...thin...weird...something...

I think I had a problem with my blood sugar crashing yesterday because I got REALLY grumpy with Brian and the kids around dinnertime. After I had my cup of carrot soup (NOM!) I was a lot better.

Speaking of the carrot soup, I got the OK from my nutritionist to keep eating it through the liquids. She said she wants to try it, too. LOL

I am getting a little frustrated in that I've been at this since Saturday with only one slip up, and I've been active, but I don't seem to be losing anything. I know it's not a huge deal as long as I don't GAIN, but can I NOT lose weight at less than 1000 k/cal a day with moderate activity? I see all these people that say they lost 15-20 pounds during their liquid diet, and dammit, I want to be one of them.

I think I'm going to go buy a new scale tomorrow. Right now the one we have is just one of the crappy spring loaded ones. Maybe it's broken and goes to 250 lbs no matter what. (Hey, I can wish, right?)


Amy said...

yes you can wish, but I dont remember who it was here on blogger or LBT that hadnt been losing for like a month and she went and got a new scale and her old scale really was broke! She had lost like 25 pounds and didnt even know it. I am sure everyone went out to buy a new scale after reading that post!

I dont understand our bodies sometimes. I was on a liquid diet for my last fill and didnt lose a damn pound. This week I may not lose anything, and next week I might lose 5 pounds!

Keep sticking too it!

Meg said...

Well that just seals the deal, I'm buying a new scale TODAY! LOL