Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Do I get a sticker now?

Another poop post for Amy!

I haven't been able to poop pretty much since Sunday, and that's WITH eating the Activia. I'm an every day, 9 AM download kinda gal, so you can imagine the discomfort.

This morning I decided, "If I can't crap by tonight I'm taking some Metamucil!"

So as I was strolling around Bed, Bath & Beyond hit me. YAAAAAAAAAY! I GOTTA POOP!!! So I told Matt to follow me with speed and went in search of the restroom. They must have known I was coming, BOTH restrooms were being cleaned. Noooooooooooo..... We left the store, went over to get Matt's lunch from Chick-Fil_A (OMG it smelled so good!) drive thru, and hurried home.

I feel like a big girl now, I want a sticker... Or at least a few red M&M's.


Angie said...

LOL! Attagirl. Def a good post-op milestone!

Meg said...

LOL, that's still pre-op!

Angie said...

Oh yeah. Sorry! Lol- I did two workout classes this morning. It killed any brain cells I may have had.

I don't think I pooped once during pre-op, haha... Well hardly. So congrats nonetheless!

Amy said... soon as I saw the picture of the elephant on the pot I knew it was going to be a poopy post! I am still not happy with the ol' BM's...but maybe they will never be the same again! waaaaa....I will be a skinny girl clogged up with crap! Oh well...i will take that!

Meg said...

I called my mom, all excited, and she told me, "I always told you you were full of shit."