Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Which would you do?

1. Brian and I have the reservations at Mickey Mantle's on Friday night for my "last supper." It's supposed to be one of the best steakhouses in OKC, and something we've been looking forward to and putting off for a long time.

2. Our neighbors are moving and the husband is leaving on Sunday. I just found out tonight that there's going to be a cul-de-sac get together on Friday, likely starting in the afternoon and running all night long. Everybody's bringing food, and the get togethers are always fun. Our sons are best friends, like brothers.

We could do 1 or 2, or we could be kind of rude and do both. Which would you do?


Amy said...

I would totally do both, but put your dinner at the top and then just work around it. My future brother in law had his 40th bday party on valentines right at dinner time. We went for about 2 hours but then we left to do our own thing! It might have made them a little mad, but we had dinner reservations and then had some fun at-home activities planned :) Anyways, GO TO DINNER! you deserve it. Since the party is lasting from the afternoon to should have time to do both.

Sarah said...

I'm with Amy - do both! Just go to your dinner earlier so you can drink at your neighborhood thing! Have fun.

Meg said...

Situation fixed. The kids are going to go to the shindig with the neighbors that are organizing it, and we're going to go to dinner then come back for the fiesta.

And I'm totally making the brownies that Giada made on her show today. Iced with NUTELLA, sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts and chocolate chips, melted in the oven for a few moments so the chocolate melts into the nuts, then refrigerated for an hour so it can set up. DROOL.

Yes, that is why my ass is huge.