Thursday, May 7, 2009


Blech. We went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner last night. I had a little bit of the artichoke dip (not nearly as good as what it used to be, and not nearly as good as my recipe), a cup of the french onion soup, and the balsamic chicken & pistachio salad, which was REALLY good. Saved my carrot muffin for today's breakfast. And then I opened my big mouth. I'd heard so many great things about the bread pudding from Mimi's, and this was my last chance to try it. So I ordered one. And didn't think to ask for the petite order.

That thing was HUGE, it probably could serve four easily. But it was MIIIIIIINE. I was only able to eat a few bites, and ended up getting a box to take it home. This morning, I had the bread pudding AND the muffin for breakfast. Can we say sugar shock? Blech, I'm going to be chugging a ton of water today just to try to purge the sugar from my system.

It was sooooooo good though, almost worth the sugar shock. Almost. Thankfully that's enough to last me for several years....


Amy said...

"Shopping in my own closet". I like that! I just saw on your profile that you love RENT! have you ever seen it on Broadway or live in theatre? Sweet lord its so good. When I was in high school we went to New York with my theatre group and saw it on broadway. seriously, I was a crying lunatic, standing up clapping. I have seen it about 5 times since then in various cities. The movie is great but not the same. I love the soundtrack also. I have the broadway cast soundtrack not movie soundtrack. I love to pretend I am mimi and sing to an imaginary roger "will you light my candle...."

Meg said...

I haven't seen it live and I'm dying to. I HAD both soundtracks, but my girls loved them too and kept borrowing them. They still haven't learned that whole "respect other people's property" thing. It's soooooo hard to pick a favorite song, it's such a great score. The closest I could come to favorites are I'll Cover You and Another Day. Seasons of Love is just a given.

Girl, you & Tracy need to make a roadtrip out here. LOL